ANA Construction Company Official Website


ANA Construction Company was established in 1995. ANA is an Afghan construction company and has been involved in the rehabilitation and reconstruction processes of Afghanistan since late 2001. ANA has implemented several construction projects funded by the United Nations, the US Coalition Forces, Provincial Reconstructions Teams (PRTs) and other national and international organizations. ANA has provided re-construction work in international standards and is committed to continue in doing so in Afghanistan.

ANA is open to accept construction and rehabilitation projects in the northeastern region of Afghanistan from individual governmental and non-governmental organizations. ANA has the capacity to survey, plan, design and implement various kinds of construction projects in the region.

ANA is also open to partner with other organizations that have similar interests and objectives. ANA's main objective is the rehabilitation of Afghanistan and provision of jobs for ordinary Afghans in the area of its activities. ANA is interested in coordinating, developing and implementing projects with such partners with shared goals and objectives.